About Z1

Although we’ve only been around since 2007, we have organised more than 20 internationally recognized Muay Thai tournaments in Malaysia. Z1 has become synonymous with Muay Thai in this region for both amateur and professional fans with each event attracting an average 25000 internet viewers from over 20 countries. So yes, we do consider ourselves a pioneer and leader in organizing Muay Thai events in Malaysia. Some of our signature events being staged successfully for last 6 years includes;

  1. Z1 World Muay Thai Series,
  2. Z1 Super 4 Championships
  3. The Royal Kedah World Muay Thai Challenge
  4. King’s Cup
  5. Chief Minister’s Cup

Our Mission

We aim to develop Z1 as one of THE premier brands in the Muay Thai world. Z1 is poised to capitalize on Muay Thai’s growing and devoted fan base worldwide. With expanding media coverage, we are developing various strategic programs and events to enhance the Z1 brand.

For example, we are scheduled to launch Z1 TV in 2014 to capture global online viewers for our Muay Thai events. With rapid international exposure, we are targeting to take Z1 to the next level of success. We have proven that we have the expertise and resources to organize and promote quality Muay Thai events.

Z1 events have been given due recognition and acclaim by the Muay Thai community worldwide. With continuing support from all sectors, we hope to continue organising Muay Thai extravaganzas, promoting the sport and constantly reaching out to new audiences. By broadening Muay Thai’s appeal, Z1 hopes to increase Muay Thai’s commercial value.

Strong backing from relevant government agencies and bodies will provide Z1 with a solid platform to continue promoting Muay Thai as a one of the most gripping and entertaining sporting events around, with highly attractive commercial benefits for participating sponsors and potential investors.